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8  Indemnity

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9  Severance

If any of these Terms and Conditions should be determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction then such Term or Condition shall be severed and the remaining Terms and Conditions shall survive and remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

10  Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

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Rocket Bylaws

Upon Joining Team Rocket you agree that your sole purpose and identity is to honor and uphold the integrity of the malevolent scarlet insignia. It is this role you assume upon joining that dedicates all scientific, territorial, political, and power advances in the name and glory of our organization's Boss. All profit, intellectual property and products are chattel of the Boss. The Boss always reserves the right to take or reject any properties brought into Team Rocket. It is understood that the Boss's word is law even and especially when contradicting written law. The Boss is always right and as Rockets it is our solemn duty to ensure he is always right even when he is not.

As a member of Team Rocket you agree to uphold the law of our organization as stated below. You will fight for the global domination of Team Rocket and understand all Pokemon in this world belong to the Boss; whether they are in His possession or not. It is our job to obtain His Pokemon and return them to his possession. You agree that all Pokemon are to benefit the progression of Team Rocket. You understand by joining Team Rocket your loyalties and life belong to the Boss and Team Rocket. Furthermore you will abide by the following upon joining:

∮1.1 Be above the age of 13. ∮1.2 Identify as a member of Team Rocket and all we stand for. ∮1.3 Can distinguish and respect the differences between In Character and Out of Character interactions. ∮1.4 Have a strong understanding for, or the ability to understand, cultural and community standards and etiquettes.

You also agree to our terms of member safety and well being clauses. ∮2.1 You must never give out any personal information such as phone numbers, physical addresses, credit, identification or social security card numbers. Remember there is no way to verify who you speak to on the internet and caution should always be practiced, even on Team Rocket HQ. ∮2.2 Team Rocket HQ is not responsible for members who choose to give out their personal information, what becomes of it, nor in what hands that information ends up in. ∮2.3 Never meet up with someone you have only met online.

Your photos, files, and shared content posted on Team Rocket HQ ∮3.1 must NOT defame Team Rocket in any way. ∮3.2 must NOT contain or depict explicit sexual or violent acts especially to minors, animals, or non-consenting entities/members. ∮3.3 must NOT contain offensive, racist, or otherwise indecent images with or without written language. You understand these sorts of images will not only be removed but may result in an official warning, temporary or permanent ban of the offending member.

Language is not censored on Team Rocket HQ, however decency guidelines are as follows: ∮4.1-4.3a-b Offensive, abusive, and slanderous language against Team Rocket or its members will be removed. Additionally following guidelines for inappropriate communications, as well as grounds for swift and immediate termination of memberships are as follows: ∮6.1a Comments soliciting or requesting any sexual service. ∮6.2a Comments that disparage members based on appearance, orientation, gender, or intelligence. ∮6.3a Comments otherwise unwelcome by the recipient that may be sensitive or offensive. ∮6.4a Comments or discussions that taunt, attack, harass, or makes fun of any members or group in or outside Team Rocket. ∮6.5a Any files or images that blatantly depict or singles out any member(s) in an offensive or defaming light. ∮6.6a Any memes that similarly attack or defame any members or groups.

Madam Boss, Giovanni, or any Executive staff may be informed via onsite message or personal email. Support staff and support tickets should first be attempted before contacting any Executive member directly. Any and all reports should provide links, screenshots, and any other useful evidence of the infractions listed in points 1-6. Additionally Team Rocket does not use, sell, or solicit your personal and private information.

Grounds for Termination

TRHQT∮7.1 Any pornographic images of children or animals.

TRHQT∮7.2 Any state or federal convictions against community members.

TRHQT∮7.3 Any self-admitted state or federal crimes against community members.

TRHQT∮7.4 Direct threats of harm or violence against any members.

TRHQT∮7.5 Three (3) strikes from any other policy violations that do not proceed with an immediate ban over the course of six (6) months.