Is this a role play site?

...Sort of. While we encourage members to create and play their own original characters, we will not forbid members from playing canon characters in their own role plays or around chat and the river feed. We do not have a set story line. We do, however, ask members respect the vague hierarchical spirit of Team Rocket as well as adhere the general rules found in our Terms.

What is there to do?

Just like with any role play site we love seeing art, fan fictions, interactive role plays, and in character chat. Members may create albums for photos or art, blogs for personal or IC updates, as well as groups for any given purpose. Members may also post events (local TCG tournaments, cosplay gatherings, meet ups, etc), sell goods (official and handmade) on the Black Market, and meet other Rocket comrades. The vision of TRHQ was to merge IRL with fandom, so anything you would expect from joining Team Rocket in game will be found here IRL.

I am already a member of Team Rocket on another RP site. Can I use that character here?

Of course. We look forward to meeting you and learning your history.

I am new to Team Rocket. Can I join?

We welcome all new and old members to register at TRHQ to acquire interpersonal communications and connections between worldwide bases and field agent. If you are new, agent Domino has extensive questionnaires for you to fill out on her blog for you to discover and get in to character.

Can I play a canon character?

Yes, you may. If you are deeply passionate about playing a particular canon Team Rocket character, then you may make an account or play them under the geist of the name you chose to join HQ with. We do not regulate, reserve, or restrict canon characters as everyone has their own interpretation of them which may work for one role play partner, but not the other. This does not, by any means, when making an account dedicated to a canon character, entitle you to special treatment, privileges, or administrative status.

Are multiple accounts allowed?

In short: yes. They all must abide by the same rule (have posted a short bio and interacted on the Wall for spam purging purposes) and if they are for short term purposes they must be approved by an administrator. If you can manage the balance of having multiple accounts, then you are more than welcome to have them.

How do I Role Play?

Role playing may be done in several ways on TRHQ. You may post any random thought or update about your character in the Communications Feed which allow other members to interact with you on an in-character basis. Posting actions and other short role play prompts are also allowed in the Feed/Walls. You may post blogs that either serve as personal sounding boards for yourself or set a scene for others to reply to and begin a story. Private messaging is a great way to role play one-on-one with another member. There is also a featured role play group (Looking For Game or LFG) that you may play on in the discussion forum or crate a listing for your ideal partner. Chats by far are the most popular way Rockets RP with each other. You can Private Chat with any of your friends via the chat bar at the bottom of your screen or head to the chat room linked at the top. All chat commands are provided in a separate tab on that page. Every now and then members may wish to take it upon themselves to make an extra "sub-account" to get a community-wide role play response. These often involve climactic battles and member conflict which are for gaming purposes only and are not a requirement for all members to be part of. These have no effect on any other story lines but are merely for entertainment purposes. Anyone may become involved in this and will be played via previously mentioned methods. Chat based RPs to this extend will be recorded and later posted in the LFG group. All accounts and story lines must be approved by the administrative team before any sub-account is made. Anyone who joins as a sub-account to try and cause trouble without prior approval will be subject to all rule violations. We will announce in the site News when a site-wide story line such as this will be going on. These all will have time frames and will end at or before a certain date.

Will you delete my account?

We do not delete accounts unless they are spam bots or one time sign ups who have never posted. All members have 1 month to make themselves known in our community before we delete them. Everyone carries their own weight at Team Rocket.

How do I get started?

First sign up with our site and activate your account. Upon your first login you will be transferred over to your Rocket profile page. There you have the option to create your biography and add an avatar. If you are not sure what you want to say about your character you may refer to agent Domino 's character blog surveys and fill one out as your first blog, then summarize what you wish to publicly display in your biography. If you have art of your character, cosplay photos, or fanart you may go to Photo Albums linked under the avatar display and create albums where you may then upload all your images to. You may want to post a welcome blog at this point too. Now that your profile is set up, keep us updated with what you are doing by posting statuses to your wall. These will show up in the river of the Communications Feed. Click there to see what everyone else is doing and make new friends. Be sure to check out the chat room for some real time community interaction.

Do I have to be a member of Team Rocket?

Yes. Only Team Rocket agents are permitted to join, view, and participate on this site. You may, however, play a trainer, Pokemon, non-TR member in your private role plays. However, Rockets may not take kindly if they see a non-Rocket in their lounge (the main chat room). You may want to note you are outside the base or keep interactions private for story accuracy.

How can I upload a primary photo

Go to Account then click on Avatar. You will be able to select an Avatar as your primary photo or you can upload a photo from your computer. If the Photos module is installed, from the View photo page you can set a photo as your Default Avatar.

How can I edit my profile?

Go to Account then click Edit Profile. You will be able to edit your profile details such as Headline, Description, Gender etc.

How can I send a private message to a user?

There are 2 ways you can send a private message to a user 1) Click on the Mail icon in member menu and select Compose. In the Recipient field, type in the username of the user you want to send a message to. If the username exists, it will populate as you're typing in the Username. This will help to ensure you type in the correct username. 2) From the users profile you can click Send Letter.

Can I view messages I have sent?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu and click Outbox. This will take you to your Outbox which contains Messages and Greetings you have sent. You can have just messages display or just Greetings by placing a check mark beside what you want to see. Removing a check mark beside Messages for example will display everything but Messages and vise versa.

I accidentally removed the wrong message, can I retrieve it?

Click on the Mail icon in member menu then click on Trash. This will display all Messages and Greetings you deleted. Choose what you want to retrieve and click Restore The message(s) selected will now be back in your Inbox.

Are my messages on here permanently unless I delete them?

To save space on our server and to ensure the site is not running what it doesn't need to run, old messages maybe removed periodically.

How does Subscriptions work?

When you subscribe to another user, that user's profile will be listed in your subscriptions page. This also applies to subscribing to other users activities such as blogs etc.

A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?

If a member of the site is harassing you, Ignore or block that user. If the problem progresses you should contact the site administrator.

Why was my account terminated?

We strictly enforce our Terms Of Service and make every effort possible to make sure all users are following them. Your account may have been terminated due to a breach in the Terms Of Service (aka TOS). If you felt that your account was terminated for no probable reason, we ask that you contact the site administrator.

Why does my profile status say Approval?

The administrator may have chosen to have profiles approved first before joining the site.

Why can't I log in to my account?

Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing your password. Try typing your password with CAPS LOCK off. If this fails, you can request a password that will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.