Who We Are

This is the control center of Team Rocket operations and underground network for agent communications. All recruits must register to access vital Team correspondences. New members welcome.

Team Rocket HQ was created as a means for those who carry the scarlet insignia with pride to unite and meet on common grounds. As a Team we stand as one, and it is here we facilitate that sense of camaraderie and community. HQ is a place where Rockets may kick off their black boots, strengthen Global Team Communications, and take on new assignments as they please. You are not required to have an "original character" to join; simply be a die-hard fan.

Under the management of Giovanni and Madam Boss, Team Rocket Inc. and Headquarters Network is a flourishing hub of enterprise, community, and creativity. We strive to promote any and all local Team Rocket and Pokemon related events, organize those specific to HQ members, and enable our agents to share photos, stories, updates, and blogs.

To Unite All Peoples Within Our Nation.


Upon joining you assume the roles, duties, and prestige of being a Rocket. There is no fee or obligation to join. Team Rocket HQ does not sell your information to any other party, nor do we spam your email outside of your desired notification preferences. Our only requirements are that you participate as a fan or character and abide by common decency and etiquette. 



Please be sure to read any rules, information, and permanent details regarding individuals, specialty groups, and discussion topics. The majority of us will be IN CHARACTER while on this site unless otherwise stated (OOC). You are free to start your own roleplay group and participate in open site-wide play. As common courtesy, please respect others' character identity. If your have any questions or concerns the community will be happy to help as well as the administrators.

For more information please see our FAQ.

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